How to Treat Diarrhea With Traditional Herbal Medicines

Diseases that this one is not able to be underestimated because it can be risks diarrheal disease that can cause death if not treated as early as possible. If you or anyone within 24 hours of experiencing chapter exceeds three times in liquid form can be said detected diarrheal. It would be better if you experience it immediately to quickly go to the doctor or hospital to be addressed

Many cases show that as in 2004, 1.5 million people die from diarrhea diseases. This shows that diarrheal diseases can not be underestimated; it should be treated seriously. The cause of diarrhea disease usually occurs because spicy food, acid, and food mixed with coconut milk.

how to treat diarrhea

Alcohol can also be the effect of the arrival of diarrhea diseases, Since it is not optimal fluid absorption process actually becomes normal faces solid form it is highly influential with the occurrence of diarrhea disease in us. Symptoms of diarrhea are usually seen from the waste water continuously, dehydration, nausea, and vomiting that will have an effect on fatigue or lack of energy in our body due to dehydration.

So if you have diarrhea that is new or still fairly mild you should as much possible to consume water to meet the lost fluids in our bodies and can also add to the electrolyte to contribute nutrients in our body. ORS and Zinc tablet is much needed in our body to cope with diarrhea. If you are hard to get ORS, you can also make your own by following way.

Prepare a glass of water that has been cooked for 200 ml and add 2 teaspoons of sugar and then set up a 1/2 teaspoon of salt. The three materials please you mix and then stir until the ingredients are there above becomes flat. If already mixed Please you to drink it, Try to do with as routine as possible to accelerate the healing of diarrhea diseases.

Rules taking drugs that are above you can see the following.

For persons aged less than 1 year, you can give the drug after 3 hours indicated experiencing diarrhea by eating as much as 1 1/2 cup and then as much as 1/2 cup after defecating.

For about 1-4 years of age, you can give the drug after 3 hours indicated diarrhea with consumption of 3 cups and 1 cup after a bowel movement.

For ages 5-12 years you could give it 6 glasses after 3 hours detected diarrhea the next 1 1/2 cups after defecating.

Whereas for adults you can consume about 12 cups after 3 hours indicated diarrhea and also drink 5 glasses after defecating.

Traditional Herbal Medicines To Treat Diarrhea

Apart from the existing drugs on diarrheal diseases could also be cured by traditional medicine, but before taking the traditional medicine it is wonderful you should know the types of diarrheal diseases that you experienced in advance, because of diarrheal disease is divided into acute and chronic, Makes for a type of disease that transport can treat with traditional medicine would not be a problem. while for the chronic kind how good you treat it by going to a hospital or to a doctor. For traditional medicine, there are many options that you can use and also provided various types, for more details, please refer to the following explanation.

Eucalyptus leaves

First set up around 6-10 grams of eucalyptus leaves then set up also 2 glasses of fresh water after the material was ready silenced 2 glasses of water that are above, and then enter the eucalyptus leaves that have dried it into the water is boiling, After that please you wait for the water to boil and wait for the water is reduced to about 1 cup size. Then wait until the water is not too hot after that drink 1 glass of water once a day, try regularly to an illness suffered by clear healed.

Spoon leaves

Prepare 30 grams of leaf spoon fresh and also 3 cups water processing method cook water and also leaves spoons in fresh condition until boiling, and also wait until the water is reduced to the remaining 1 cup and then drink the water yield is as much as two times a day with the consumption of each 1/2 cup.

leaves Pressman

Materials to be prepared that pressman leaves to taste 1 cup hot water then I make a way pressman leaf brewed in a glass of hot water and then stirred until evenly after that strain the water and then drink the water in Wake satan day.

Leaves Kusumba Keling

Prepare 1/2 gem game crimson leaves rivet and also two glasses of water after the material was ready please wipe the dirt contained in the leaves after the rivet Lumumba clean please to boil 2 cups of water into the supplied wait until the water is reduced to 1 1/2 cups , Use the cooking water to drink as much as two times a day with divided equally for anticipating way that is not too bitter please add honey to the water it's up to sweet.

leaves Comfrey

Prepare 4 sheets leaf comfrey are still fresh then prepare also 4 cups of water and fine salt to taste how to make it by way of relaxing leaf comfrey with salt after be bent wash them clean and then eat a meal with snacks and continue crushed without rice another alternative you can use that is by pour 1 1/2 cups water in a blender and then input comfrey leaf that was clean and crushes until smooth then strain the water is then consume daily 2 times.

Skin Cinnamon powder

Prepare 1 1/2 grams of powdered cinnamon bark and enough hot water that is the way how to manufacture powdered cinnamon bark pour the hot water into the supplied water and then strain it, Wait for sampi in cold conditions and then consume 2 times a day each 1 cup.

Plant Earrings

Prepare 40 grams of plant earrings that have been dried and 2 cups of water that has been cooked to weave a way wash out the plant then the plant boil with 2 cups of water that has been provided. Tungulah until the water is reduced to 1 cup. Once cooked wait until mentioned cold water and then consume 2 times a day with each 1/2 cup in a single consumption.

Professor Turmeric rhizome

Prepare 1/2 finger turmeric rhizome master yan still fresh then 1 teaspoon of writing and 1 cup water. How easy that is by cutting thin slices of turmeric rhizome masters, At the end, boil 1 cup water and the water please wait reduced to 1/2 cup and then pour 1 teaspoon of writing into the boiling water before, Continuously stir until evenly and wait for it to cool the water consume 3 times a day with a rate of 1/2 cup each time taking it.

Maybe that some traditional medicine that can be used and much more are available a variety of other traditional medicine that can be used as an alternative cure diarrhea. Although many diarrheal diseases have a cure for it, but you should not underestimate the disease proficiency level. Because Diarrhea can lead to fatal for us if we ignore it. It is good we should Spry possible in the face of a disease even though the disease is easier to cure.

Such information can be conveyed on Traditional Medicine Diarrhea. Hopefully, these discussions can be helpful and useful for you. If the above discussion that there is less than perfect and there is one word from me on behalf of the authors would like to apologize. For further information, please visit the page where we have provided.

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